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    Our goal is to keep your home or business comfortable year-round.

    It’s absolutely necessary to have a great HVAC system to weather the conditions in the Riverside area. Thankfully, there’s one HVAC company in the area that can handle it all. From AC repair and maintenance to heating and air conditioning installation and replacement services, our team is your trusted choice.

    At AC Volt Electrical Inc., our goal is to keep your home or business comfortable year-round. Whether you’re looking for routine air conditioning service & repair for your home, installation of a new air conditioning system in a large commercial property, or anything in between, our team is eager to help. We’re here to help you with heating and cooling services, all you and your family need to feel comfortable in your home.

    When you’re looking for a heating and cooling service who will be there whenever you need it, who will always do a great job, and who has affordable rates, call us!. We have made a name for ourselves as the go-to heating guys in the area thanks to our highly trained technicians and our great customer service. Whatever you need to do for your home or business’ HVAC systems – repairs, replacement or installation – we’re the team for the job.

    At AC Volt Electrical Inc., we believe in treating customers with honesty and integrity. We are dedicated to the values that made this company a success: improving lives by improving homes, and giving customers the best value for their money. From AC repairs to the installation of a new system, our team takes every precaution to ensure your comfort. Contact us today to schedule air conditioning services in Riverside, CA, and the surrounding area.

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    All our services are professional and guaranteed. You can be sure that we will meet all your expectations, in fact, we will do more than that. AC Volt Electrical Inc. is a company with many years of experience and a well-trained team. We can handle any type of situation, big or small.

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    Almost any home can include central air conditioning if you’re willing to invest in ductwork and make design allowances for it. But before you make that decision, schedule an in-home consultation with an HVAC expert like AC Volt Electrical —we can give you a better idea of what would be involved and also explain alternative cooling options, like ductless split or geothermal systems.

    Ideally, you should do it before your current system fails and leaves you rushed to make a replacement decision. Fortunately, there are a few signs that indicate it’s time to start looking at your options: your unit is more than 10 years old, it’s not keeping up with your needs, you notice a big increase in your cost to run it, or it needs regular refrigerant refills. In some cases, a simple repair may be all that’s needed, but if it’s no longer safe or practical to put more money into your AC, we’ll explain that, too, and make recommendations for the most appropriate replacement.

    It depends on the size of your home and the type of unit, but systems typically start at $2,750. Check out our prices! Finally, consider installing a new cooling system when you buy a new furnace—by adding both units to your forced air system at the same time, you can save on time and labor.

    Many air conditioners can last 15 to 20 years, if maintained properly. You may need a few repairs along the way, but AC Volt Electrical can usually catch and fix small problems during your annual Clean & Check.

    A licensed and insured HVAC specialist like those at AC Volt Electrical should be consulted before you add or replace a cooling system. We’ll do a proper calculation that factors in the layout and square footage of your house, average climate, the number and type of windows, insulation, and even the number of people living in the home. Without these considerations, you could end up with a unit that is not big enough, meaning it will likely not keep up with your cooling needs or last as long as expected—or a system that is so big that it constantly cycles on and off and wastes energy.

    All air conditioners have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The higher that number is, the more efficient your unit is. The current industry minimum for new air conditioners is 14, but state-of-the-art equipment can reach a SEER as high as 21. While the initial cost of the latter may be higher, the lower monthly operating costs will actually save you money over the life of the system.

    If you’re interested in keeping your cooling costs down, use the auto setting so the fan only runs when needed to maintain the set temperature. However, if you prefer a more consistent temperature, use the on setting for uninterrupted airflow. This option may also be beneficial if you have allergies or asthma because air will constantly be filtered as it flows through the system.

    Before you call us, check the basics: test the batteries in your thermostat, check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse, change your air filter, make sure the system is set to cool, and that the setting is at least three degrees below current room temperature. If one of these five simple problems are not to blame, call us for a complete cooling system checkup.

    The outdoor condenser is built to withstand the environment and should not be covered. If the cooling system is accidentally turned on before the cover is removed, the restricted airflow could cause serious damage. Instead, we recommend a spring Clean & Check so our technician can remove any debris, lubricate moving parts, and make routine adjustments to get your AC ready for the summer ahead.

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